Claiming a Medicare rebate

Medicare Australia currently offers eligible individuals a rebate for up to 20 sessions in a calendar year.

The Medicare rebate is only available for individuals with an Australian Medicare card, when seeing an Australian Psychologist or Mental Health Social Worker registered with Medicare.

Traditionally, Medicare only provided a rebate for in-person consultations, but things are changing, and you are now able to claim a Medicare rebate for online consultuations.

To be eligible for the rebate, you will need a mental health care plan and a referral letter from your GP or Psychiatrist.

Rebate Amounts

The rebate varies depending upon the qualifications of the therapist.

Clinical Psychologist rebate = $128.40

Registered Psychologist rebate = $87.45

Mental Health Social Worker = $74.50

After your session, your therapist can process this rebate for you.

How to Claim a Rebate

At Awake Psychology we will process your Medicare rebate for you, however it is your responsibility to organise your Medicare referral and keep track of the number of sessions you have claimed.

In order to claim a Medicare rebate, you will need to book a long appointment with your GP (or Psychiatrist) and receive the following:

  1. Mental Health Treatment Plan that includes counselling under the Medicare ‘Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative’
  2. A written referral addressed to your therapist (or ‘to the Psychologist’), specifying a referral for 6 sessions of counselling. It must be dated before the first session you would like to claim a Medicare rebate for (if this is dated after the session, you will only be able to claim for the sessions after this date).

You will also need to complete our intake and consent forms (these will be emailed to you after you book your first appointment) and provide us with your referral letter and Mental Health Treatment Plan before the first session. You can email or fax this to us here.

Your Medicare rebate will be processed after your session, and should arrive in your nominated account overnight.

In accordance with Medicare requirements, your therapist will write a brief letter to your referring GP after your first session and after your 6th session, 10th and 20th session, or whenever you finish.

For more information about Medicare, visit the Medicare website.

If you are uncertain whether your GP has completed all the necessary paperwork for you to be eligible for a rebate, please confirm this with your GP or call Medicare on 132 011.  It is your responsibility to ensure this is correct before your session with your therapist.

We have done our best to provide accurate and up-to-date information about Medicare rebates, however we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the above information.  Please contact Medicare Australia for the most up-to-date information.



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